We are here to help those who help others

Kople is a social impact CRM that will help your organization with any kind of 1-1 matching of volunteers and beneficiaries like mentoring, befriending, peer matching and more

One platform, many solutions

Create automated workflows so you can free up resources and create more impact.

A one-stop platform with in-built SMS, email and phone.

The solution will help your organization run matching processes with ease.

Coordinate projects, automate workflows and reporting, and reach efficient & better results all from one system.

Adapt the system for your organization’s needs, grow projects over time, and work with our support team whenever necessary.

Store and manage all data from one secure place, allowing easy compliance.

Overview and automation
No need for planning, let the platform send automated email and SMS and remind you when to do manual follow ups.
Manage your projects from one platform (integrated email, SMS, phone calls, notes and automated logging of actions)
Easy matching
Find the ideal match for your users and volunteers with ease

Let’s start
working together

Let’s start
working together