Less paperwork - more time for human touch!

Kople has received almost 5 million DKK in funding as part of the EMOVE consortium. The other partners in EMOVE are the University of Copenhagen and the University of Aalborg with a total funding of almost 10 million DKK. EMOVE is funded by the Danish Innovation Fund and will focus on bridging the gap between IT and human touch. The main focus is to develop an IT-system for NGOs working with matching.

You can read more in this news article by the civic society focused paper Altinget 

Photo by: Thomas Brolyng Steen

Say hello to Mattias

Mattias is a true full-stack developer who despite his young age has tons of experience from having programmed since the age of 12. In his free time he loves to surf and develop smaller apps and side projects…

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Welcome to Anina!

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Meet Doron, Andreas and Nicklas!

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